Here’s A Health (2005)

With our continued success and local popularity and in spreading our music farther afield to such as Hexham and Melrose the time had come to record more of our Scottish traditional music including several tunes by that well known composer and fiddle player, J Scott Skinner, and to blend this and others with our members’ recent compositions. Enjoy two compositions by accordionist and Chairman, Ian Thow – Manda written in recognition of the work of our long-serving treasurer, and Melrose Bound with the Garioch Fiddlers as a reminder of our recent visit to the Scottish Borders. Colin Dempster, violin player and Assistant Conductor, has written Sheila Margaret’s Waltz and Ian Coutts on accordion plays his own hauntingly lovely tribute to Blairdaff Kirk accompanied on violin by Dorothy Ferguson.

Again in this CD Neil Hehir gives an excellent solo violin performance as does Nicola Auchnie, the Garioch Young Fiddler of the Year 2004.

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